We know that the stories and records of the past matter. They offer insight into our complex histories and the human impacts on this place we share and love.

Stories inspire us to dream and to act. They delight, persuade, provoke, and calm us. They help us to plan. They offer the logic that underpins policy, and they help us understand each other.

We have worked with a wide range of clients — First Nations, individuals, companies, not-for-profits, government — sometimes to document, sometimes to heal or celebrate, sometimes to find ways to move on.

We take ideas from conception to completion, and we work through obstacles along the way. We want to exceed client expectations — every single time, every single job.





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facilitation And Engagement

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We begin our work with clients right where they need to begin, and we take them where they want to go — even if the destination seems foggy or unclear.

That’s the beauty of talk: it allows us to learn what your priorities are, and what our pathway can be.


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Cultural and Regional History

We are curious and resourceful researchers — and we would love to work with you to connect you with information you need.

It might be photos or maps housed in a local archive or in a faraway museum. It might be buried in old reports. It might be just around the corner alive in the memory of someone you know.

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INTERPRETIVE Boards & Brochures

Interpretive panel for livestock barn

Is it possible to capture the meaning of 500 generations of life in a few words to share on a sign? Is it possible to convey the meaning of home?

Our writing creates future oriented text that is deeply rooted in our complex history — to be shared in public spaces on interpretive storyboards, walking tours, and brochures.

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Our Contemplative Practice of Writing (CPOW) program helps people find joy in writing as it invites people to use writing as a path to inner calm and creativity.

Contact us for group classes or to join our scheduled CPOW events. If you want to set up your own CPOW cohort, we’d love to help!

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stack of books

Books are beautiful and sustainable – both in print and in digital forms, and over the years we have worked with many clients to bring their stories into the world.

We have included a selection of our books here.

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Our books celebrate the ordinary life and share the corner of genius that exists in each of us.

Our workbooks help you step into yourself as a thinker and a writer.

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Fenton Street works with organizations and individuals to get their stories out in heartfelt and clear ways.

Get in touch to discover how we can work together.

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