q̓ʷɑ:n̓ƛ̓ən̓ ct

For/with Coast Salish Arts and Heritage Society/Kwantlen Nation.

With the team of Tumia Knott and Skipp Design, and featuring the voices of the Kwantlen community and the photographs of Gary Fiegehen. This gorgeous book articulates connections with place over 12,500 years and celebrates this modern culture’s everyday ties to evolving tradition.





  For Metro Vancouver Parks

The CHO is a glossy report and a digital deliverable — an information hub that consolidates historical information and sketches a wide range of historical connections to the park.  It will help interpreters,  guide discussion, and inform public consultation as planners engage with communities and  envision new nodes of use for the park.


Interpretive Storyboards

For Surrey Archives/ City of Surrey

We have just a minute or two to grab the attention of readers as they engage with interpretive storyboards.  What stories should we tell about the places we visit? And how can we work to ensure  diversity, inclusion, and the rethinking of colonial messages that have shaped our communities?

2020 and 2021


More information about the Contemplative Practice of Writing Series is coming soon. Find our teachers’ guide and users guide here.


CPOW 2: Everyday Celebrations

CPOW 3: Classroom, Homeschool and Microschool Edition

CPOW: Notebook 1

Regional analysis Tools

For Calculating the Magnitude of Extreme Floods


This cross-disciplinary work was to assist the engineering team at NHC to find new forms of evidence to fill gaps in historical flood data as they developed the Regional Analysis toolkit.


Final Report 2021

Surrey: City of Stories

For/with Surrey Archives/City of Surrey

This full-colour history book showcases the diverse history of  Surrey, from the stories kept safe in its archaeological heritage to the oral histories of its citizens, from its settlement-era artifacts to its vast photographic legacy.

Design by William Glasgow Design



Walking histories

For Metro Vancouver

We have so many opportunities to engage with the layers of history that are part of the places we love to visit.

This suite of brochures was developed to give quick background info to walkers on the trail at Derby Reach Regional Park and at Edgewater Bar.

Find them at trailhead kiosks — and some are on the web here:

Heritage Farms

The Boy Who Paints/The girl who writes

With Richard Cole

These lavish books for kids — and for the adults who read to them — talk about the power of dreams and the importance of being yourself. 

See links to BC’s curriculum here:

BC Books for BC Schools

Fenton Street Press

2013 and 2014